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Row of server racks.

Turn your old tech into money:
We purchase office equipment, computers, and e-waste.

Don't throw away your old office equipment, we will pick it up!

Pricing List

Memory, Ram: $15.00 LB

Memory W/Aluminum $5.00 LB

Silver Memory $4.00 LB

Mixed Processors: $6.00 LB

Computers: $0.25 LB

Servers: $0.45 LB

Laptops: $0.80 LB

Hard Drives complete: $0.55 LB

MD Grade Boards: $1.25 LB

HG Grade Boards: $2.75 LB

Low Grade Board: $0.35 LB

Server Board: $1.75 LB

Colored Board $1.00 LB

Backplane Board $2.85 LB

CD Drive Board $1.50 LB

Telecom Board $3.00 LB

Finger Board: $3.05 LB

Cell Phone: $2.00 LB

Laptop Batteries: $0.30 LB

Switches $0.55 LB

We accept the following devices...

We offer safe data destruction

At MetalSort, we understand that safe and secure data destruction is a top priority for our customers. That's why we offer data destruction services upon request, ensuring that your data is permanently destroyed. Give us a call at (602)860-2850. We'll provide you with a competitive quote and help you dispose of your e-waste in an environmentally responsible way.

Various non-ferrous metals.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Crane picking up scrap car.

Ferrous Metals

Forklift carrying dumpster filled with engines and auto-parts.


Broken laptop on top of e-scrap.


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