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We Buy Auto Parts!

We buy all auto-parts including

Aluminum wheels, Engines, and Transmissions.

Auto part recycling and reclaim is the process of salvaging usable parts and materials from end-of-life vehicles and repurposing them for reuse. This helps to reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and decrease the demand for newly manufactured parts. Engine reclaim involves removing usable parts from an engine that is no longer operational. These parts can be cleaned, inspected, and reused in other engines or sold as refurbished parts.We buy most parts including:

-Aluminum Wheels

-Aluminum Engines

-Aluminum Bumpers

-A/C Compressors


-Brake Drums


-Chrome Wheels

-Harness Wire

-ECM's (computer)

-Lead Wheel Weights

-Lead-Acid Batteries



-Steel Engines

-Steel Wheels

-Steel Case Lead-Acid Batteries


Dumpster filled with scrap engines.
Assorted non-ferrous metals

Non-Ferrous Metals

Crane picking up scrap car.

Ferrous Metals

Forklift carrying dumpster filled with engines and auto-parts.


Broken laptop on top of e-scrap.


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